Mvc Screencast #1: NuGet

Last week, I announced that I’d be starting a new screencast series on building Mvc applications using community/open source tools. I’m happy to share the first such episode.

NuGet – Package Management in .NET

As I state in the intro to this screencast, it would be hard to start out a series like this any other way, so I hope you enjoy the result.

Click on the embedded video (~23 minutes) below, click here to view it at Channel9, or if you want to view the video on your shiny new Windows Phone 7, click here to view a mobile-ready version.

Get Microsoft Silverlight


And feel free to leave your thoughts, questions or suggestions below.

Thanks for watching!

  • Kiliman

    Hi Brandon, great screencast!

    As one of the original Nu team members (I wrote the Nu for Visual Studio extension) and now part of the core NuGet team, I’m very excited about the direction Microsoft is taking in leveraging community and open source tools.

    Thanks for promoting NuGet!


  • bsatrom


    Thanks! And thank you for all your work on Nu and NuGet; I’m excited about the direction we’re taking as well!