Coding the Right Thing :: Adnug Slides

I know Iӭ biased, but Adnug is just about one of the coolest user groups on the planet. We were over 70 strong on Monday night, and I had a blast talking to the group, and having an in-depth discussion on BDD, Cucumber, et all with Scott Bellware, whom I invited to join me at the front of the room to share some of his thoughts. I know that I learned a lot from Scottӳ and otherӳ perspective, and I appreciate Eric and John providing me with an opportunity to speak to the group.

IӬl post some follow-up thoughts here in the coming weeks, but for now, I wanted to share the slides and demo code.

For the demo code, check out my BitBucket Presentations Repository here. The slides and source for all three demos can be found at that location.

For a quick view of the presentation itself (with notes) check out the SlideShare embed below, or visit my presentations share on SlideShare to view or download the presentation.

If you were at Adnug on Monday, I hope you enjoyed the session and discussion afterwards. Feel free to drop any questions or suggestions in the comments!

  • Steve MunLeeuw

    I noticed you are using the Repository pattern with EF4 the other night, and wanted to use your code as an example. The bit bucket link above is broken though. Thanks for the great presentation.

  • bsatrom

    Thanks Steve, I fixed the link, so you should be able to get the source now.

    I did want to note though that I’m not currently using EF4 in that sample, just an in-memory static List for testing purposes.

    That said, the RazorLib source will be available online and I’ll post a link to it here once I get the EF4 code in, since I am planning to keep the Repository pattern I’m currently using in the code.