My New Job With Microsoft

Three weeks ago, I said goodbye to Thought Ascent and began a new journey with Microsoft.

It was bittersweet to leave Thought Ascent. I’ve been close to the owners since long before I was in their employ, and I enjoyed working for and with them, as well as the great team that they’ve put together. I wish them all the best in the future, and know that I’ll be hearing from them for a long time.

Part of my motivation for joining Thought Ascent two years ago was to be involved in the creation of Brilliant Life, a non-profit geared at providing technology training, careers and opportunities to underserved populations, and I’m pleased to be able to continue my involvement with that effort, even as I move to Microsoft.

My new job is as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, based in Austin, Texas. My new role is many things, as I am discovering daily, but one of the biggest is to represent Microsoft and Microsoft technologies to local groups and communities; some friendly, and some not. I’m also responsible, among the broader team I work with, for being a “go to” resource (an expert, even) on a segment of the Microsoft technology stack. For me, that segment is ASP.NET, with a focus on MVC, jQuery and the like. What that means for this blog is that you can expect to see more posts targeted specifically on ASP.NET, MVC, etc. in the future.

What does this mean for the architectural tone of the blog? Nothing, really. My bent has always been towards software and enterprise architecture, and I expect to continue my interest and writing in those areas. The same goes for topics like DDD. I’d like to continue exploring areas of software I’m interested in (and that I believe have value), even if they do not explicitly map to a single technology stack. You just might see more content driven towards the Microsoft technology stack (though not always) as I reason about architectural concepts.

The bottom line is that this blog will live on, even becoming more active in the coming months as I settle into my new role.