Keeping Architectures Relevant – ITARC Austin Presentation on Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Emergent Architecture

Note: Cross-posed from Paul Rayner’s Blog.

Last week, I had the opportunity to co-present with IASA Denver chapter president Paul Rayner, at the IASA Austin ITARC Conference. Our presentation was titled “Keeping Architectures Relevant: Using Domain-Driven Design and Emergent Architecture” and is meant to be a helpful introduction to key ideas around DDD, Agile and Architecture, with an emphasis on how an architect can use principles and practices from each of these to keep themselves and their work relevant.

Our presentation was meant to be a brief overview and introduction to the ideas we’ll be covering in our upcoming article (by a similar name) in the Architecture Journal. See my last post for more information about that article. Watch for a link here in mid-March when the article is released.

As Paul states in his post, we really enjoyed presenting and got some great questions during and feedback after the session. We’re planning to give this presentation again soon, so if you were there and you have any additional feedback to offer, we’d love to hear it. We’ll be cross-posting additional content related to the paper and this presentation over the coming weeks, so keep an eye peeled here and Paul’s blog.