Links for 2007-10-06


  • SOA: Sometimes it IS about the technology – Both Nick’s post and Andrew McAfee’s original are worth a read and right on. I think the pearl of wisdom is for all of us to stop advocating one extreme or the other (“x is about technology” vs “x is not”) all the time and start using wisdom, common sense and a willingness to either talk about technology (when the situation calls for it, as Nick describes when one must know which “… goals are realistically achievable given current technology trends”) or leave technology out of the discussion (when the situation calls for us to convey to the business that we truly get their business need and aren’t simply looking for a way to implement the cool new technology).
  • Why Microsoft Should Not Support SCA - Bottom line as I read this: Microsoft doesn’t benefit and neither does anyone else. It makes sense, but David certainly makes SCA seem like less of a “big deal” standard than others want us to believe. Not sure what I think yet, but  I would highly recommend David’s Introducing SCA article. It’s a good read and provides a good overview of some big technology movements outside of the Microsoft world.
  • Green Datacenter Initiative - The idea of “Green IT” is becoming a bigger and bigger deal as more organizations realize that Global Warming is not a joke (it never was) and that the measure corporate ethics and responsibility will increasingly include the impact of their IT organization on the environment. As Simon says, the measurement technology isn’t there yet, but why not start grassroots with your own PC. Downloaded the LocalCooling app Simon links to and get an idea of how little things we all do as individuals does have an impact.


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