Links for 2007-10-03


  • Office Live Workspace revealed: a free 250MB “SharePoint Lite” for everyone - This isn’t the Google killer since it’s not an “online” version of the classic office applications. What it is is the slow-moving-and-customer-ignorant-IT-organization killer, which is a great thing as far as I’m concerned.
  • Sharepoint is not a good development platform / SharePoint is a good development platform for applications / SharePoint is an Awesome Dev App Platform - One of our SA’s said early on in his experience with MOSS 2007 application development that “MOSS takes the rapid out of Rapid Application Development,” which I think is true in the OOB development experience. Since then, however, we have been able to experiment with varying ways to develop apps in MOSS and have started to see areas where we can create value and assist in speed by abstracting out some of the complexity. That being said, Visual Studio needs to catch up and help make that development experience richer. As Andrew Connell said, that’s a knock on tooling and the development environment, not the platform itself.
  • MOSS Faceted Search (CodePlex) - If you’re using or plan to use MOSS and you want your users to get the most value out of Search, I would recommend taking a serious look at faceted search.


All MOSS Links today… some days are just like that I suppose. :)


  • Dan

    ok. that is really odd. I could not figure out why you were commenting on a 1 year old article (hence my comment that it came out a year ago). I just noticed that your posting was also a year old. It does not explain why it showed up as new in my RSS reader…..very odd…. anyway, please disregard the previous comment.

  • Dan

    The office Live Workspace has been around for about a year. I’ve used it for collaboration before. Worked pretty well, and it was (and still is) free. I believe that it is WSS based, and does not include the MOSS goodness. Interestingly enough, the templates are limited, but there are some web parts in there that are NOT a part of a standard MOSS installation.

  • Brandon Satrom

    I will… I was wondering why you were commenting on a year old post myself. :)