The world is spinning, or is it me?

Since I last crafted a legitimate post to this blog, I have enjoyed several months of changes, excitement, bombardment and general much ado about everything. Here are a few highlights:

1) Finished my first Quarter of LIS in one piece.

2) Spent a week in the Dominican Republic leading a Men’s Conference with 3 other men.

3) Was promoted to a new role at Compassion as the Enterprise Applications Architect. I am currently ramping down on day-to-day development work and ramping up (quickly!) into that job. It’s been a lot of fun so far, except the part where I tried to work on all tasks old and new for about two months.

4) Spent 3 days (starting the day after I got back into the country) in San Diego at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit. That was a fun way to get started on the new job, esp. as I got to attend with my new boss.

5) Decided not to take class during the summer Quarter (see #3), but I am getting ready to start the Fall Quarter on September 12. I’ll be taking two courses:

  • The Corporate Information Environment
  • Legal Issues in Knowledge Management

I am looking forward to those. Not so much the cost of the textbooks, but I am looking forward to the classes themselves.

6) Compassion is at the end of a building expansion and parts of the IT department have been cube and office-less this week. One good friend also managed to find a way to move into a new house this week, I think he’s been sleeping at Panera Bread. As a side note, it’s too bad that good ideas always come to me too late because it would have been cool to have everyone that has been misplaced to take pictures of where they were working this week. I alone have worked from:

  • My boss’s office – He’s on vacation this week.
  • The World Prayer Center at New Life Church (Colorado Springs)
  • The Lobby of New Life Church
  • Panera Bread
  • My house (This can be further sub-categorized into: the dining room table, the couch, a recliner and on the deck… I am a restless creature)

And that about catches you up to date (assuming you’re still reading). The good news about the move this week is that it has given me a chance to catch up on some much needed research, reading, brainstorming and planning for the new job (with a little coding thrown in). Some more in relation to my new job: Obviously, this blog was created to be a place where I threw half-baked opinions about UX design against the wall. That was fun for a while, but then my ADD took me to some content about developer stuff related to all the goodies from last years’ DevConnections conference. That was also fun for a while. All that being said, I think that this blog has never really had the unique personality that it needed to. What’s cool is that my new job has created some interesting synergies between that developer in me (still there Ken) and the guy that thinks that UX matters. Case(s) in point: 1) When I attended the Gartner EA Summit, I heard a great talk by Harry Pierson called Beyond SOA: Understanding the User’s Role in Architecture. Hey, that sounds like something I would enjoy… That was the first sign that I may not have strayed to far after all.

2) I found out after I got back and I was poking around that Simon Guest had given a talk at TechEd entitled Putting the User Back into SOA that I managed to grab the slides for. The second sign… (BTW, that link does not link to the slides themselves. I can’t seem to find them anymore, nor do I remember how I got them. For the next best thing, you can head over to this link where Simon links to an ARCast episode he did with Ron Jacobs on the same topic.)

3) A couple of weeks ago, Simon posted once again about UX. This time, he was announcing a Forum discussion he will be hosting in California on “…the intersection of Architecture and User Experience.” The third and final sign…

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