My DevConnections Mind Maps

As promised, and a little late, here are my Mind Maps. Thanks for staying on me about these Adnan, I need a little motivation from time to time. :) Below is a list of the 19 sessions I attended at DevConnections, with a link to each map. Enjoy! If you don’t have MindManager, you have two free options for viewing these maps. You can download the viewer here or you can use the browser plug-in, which can be found here. I know I promised that I would publish these as PDFs as well, but these maps are too big and have too much information to fit on a single PDF page. If, however, you want these maps and don’t want to download any of the software, post a comment here and I’ll post them for you exported to Word.

  • Adnan Masood


    Thanks Brandon.

  • TheSatch

    You’re very welcome Adnan. Keep in touch man!