DevConnections Day 4 (3:00 PM) – Nearing the end of a great week!

Just finished a session with Michele Leroux Bustamante entitled “10 Essentials for a Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Application.” Good talk. She had a ton of information to cover and didn’t get through everything, but did a good job with the volume of information. I had a feeling that this session was going to be high-level and a bit of repeat, but I was drawn to it to hear those 10 things that are a must for any and every ASP.NET 2.0 application. I felt that it would give me a list of things I need to be sure to get the goods on before that first 2.0 project. I’ll happily share them with you now:

  1. Page Layout and Design
  2. Dynamic Navigation
  3. Data Access
  4. Personalization
  5. Localization
  6. Cache! Cache! Cache!
  7. State Management
  8. Role-based Security
  9. Reduced Attack Surface
  10. Component Design and Deployment

If you want more info, check out MLB’s blog or the DevConnections site in the coming days for slides. Next I have “Building Portal Applications with ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts” with Stephen Walther. Should be a good talk. I have some session-closing activities after that talk and don’t plan on blogging tonight (internet access in the hotel is $12/day), so this will be it for me. By no means am I done with DevConnections posts though. I still have a session tomorrow and some previous talks I want to share my thoughts on. Over the next several days, I plan to post about the following:

  • A talk on effective User Experience Design given by Mark Miller of Developer Express. I really enjoyed this talk and learned a thing or two I’d like to share.
  • A talk Jonathan Hawkins gave on ASP.Net Atlas. This was a great preview of what’s to come, but the bits for Atlas are already available. I want to share some things I learned about Microsoft’s next big thing for ASP.Net.
  • A brief commentary on Swag. (The other) Brandon and I are collaborating on this one, with his help, it might actually be funny.

A big thanks to Paul Litwin, all conference organizers and the sponsors for putting on a great conference! I really enjoyed the speakers, the content, the other attendees and even the hotel. It was very smooth IMHO, especially considering that we had 3000 people! Paul, if you’re reading this, good show! While I have you, I do have one major suggestion for next year:

Have a talk on User Experience design for the web, similar to the one Mark Miller presented in the VS track. I enjoyed Mark’s talk and I learned a lot. I’d love the same concept target at web developers.

But great job overall! See you next year!

  • Adnan Masood

    True Brandon. Michelle presented an excellent overview of techniques and if seen in conjunction with her other sessions, provided a great insight for server side development arena.

    Nice coverage of conference sessions; I’ll complete my notes with your posts. When are you planning to publish your mindmaps?

  • TheSatch

    Thanks Adnan! I really enjoyed your blog as well and read it throughout the week. It was great to have a chance to meet you and Jeremy as well. Hopefully we’ll meet up at another conference in the future… keep in touch man!