DevConnections Day 2 – The After-Lunch Colada (A.K.A The Heavy Stuff)

After a couple of featherweight sessions in the morning, I got some real treats yesterday afternoon. This was a full day with three sessions in the morning and three in the afternoon, plus Microsoft on trial Unplugged in the evening. My three afternoon sessions were all that I had hoped they would be. Between a 2.0 version of Scott Guthrie’s famous ASP.Net Tips and Tricks talks (Not given by Scott though), a great real-world look at Visual Studio Team System and a great preview of Atlas, I got more information than I could hanlde. I’m not going to share anything from the VSTS talk in this post becuase I have some great stuff from the other two and I want to keep this post shorter than a novel. I’m also going to sit on my thoughts about Atlas because I want to put all of my thoughts in one well-written post. Tips and tricks will have to suffice… By the Way, If you’re at DevConnections, you’re reading this and you were at any of these sessions, please drop me a comment here. If I missed something you found to be useful, if I got something all wrong or if you just wanted to share a thought, please post. I’d love to start a dialogue about what we’re learning this week. I’m open to trackbacks too, so you can even pick up the discussion on your own blog and link back to me. Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET and VS 2005 (Bradley Millington) Summary: Bradley Millington, of the Microsoft Web Platform and tools team, gave a great talk about a number of new ASP.NET 2.0 features that haven’t been highly adversised, but are pretty ground-breaking. Here are a few I found interesting:

  • Cross-page posting
  • URL Rewriting/ Remapping – Enables the use of “vanity” URLs instead of lengthy URLs with QueryString values.
  • Building a Custom CMS with the FileSystem provider – I really want to spend some more time on this section, but I want to do some more research and make an entire post out of this. For now, this feature basically allows for content to be served from non-file system locations. This was a feature built for the SharePoint team, so I would imagine that there is a ton of depth and potential here.
  • Client Scripting- Some of the new features in client scripting include simplified script registration and the ability to set the focus of the page on an error during validation.

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow, I’ll continue with some brain dump on today’s sessions, including a get talk on SOA by Dan Wahlin and a great session on Script Callbacks by Dino Espsito. I’ve also updated by schedule for tomorrow. You can find it here. Until tomorrow!