Which Flavor of Speaker do you prefer?

I didn’t mention this is my previous post, but yesterday was “Microsoft Day” at DevConnections and featured all Microsoft Speakers in our sessions. During the morning sessions, while I was feeling that certain topics were being brought up again and again, I was finding myself a bit annoyed at the Microsoft marketing speak that kept creeping in. As a result, I kept looking forward to the external guys I knew I’d start hearing today. Paul Litwin, an esteemed co-chair of this conference, had a similar thought and asks is one flavor of speaker better than another? He argues that they are both important and I agree. I love the bleeding edge stuff and what’s new and to come that we always get from Microsoft, but I also tire of the marketing that creeps in. That’s why it’s important that we have guys like Paul and Dan Wahlin who live in and love the MS technologies. In fact, I was in a session with Dan Wahlin on SOAs and he wasn’t afraid to point out areas where VS 2005 lacks features needed for SOA development. This is valuable information I think we all need. How about you? If you’re here at DevConnections and you have a thought, what is your impression of the Microsoft Day speakers? Drop me a comment here or leave one on Paul’s blog (or both). If you’re not here, but you’ve been at past conferences, drop me a comment on your past experiences. I’m curious to hear some of your thoughts on the value speakers paid by the software company versus adopters not employed by the company.