Office on the web?!? Someone tell Sun and Google…

If I wasn’t so backlogged in my reading, I would have seen and made reference to this in my earlier post about Sun and Google’s vague partnership. Information Week has what could be considered almost a response article to the Sun/ Google partnership article: “Coming From Microsoft: ‘Hosted Everything’” The interesting quote is at the end of the article, on page two:

When asked which other products and services Microsoft would host, another Microsoft insider said, “Everything. Hosted Office. Everything hosted.” – Information Week, “Coming From Microsoft: ‘Hosted Everything’” Oct. 26, 2005

Now, in my mind, Microsoft sometimes plays another role that we see in “old guard” companies, opposite to what I read into Schwartz’s comments last week: That of the behemoth company still trying to look like a hyperactive startup. But every master plan that Google doesn’t have, Microsoft has twenty that regulate every decision they make. In any case, Google and Sun should watch out. And if they plan to repurpose StarOffice for the web, “leak” it now because Microsoft knows how to hype.