Going to DevConnections

Next week, I’m going to DevConnections in Las Vegas and I must admit that I’m pretty excited! I spent several hours this past weekend getting VS 2005 set up and running and I’m ready to make me some .NET 2.0 applications. Since I’ve been so erratic in my posting lately, I’d like to make it up to you with daily posts next week of what I’m seeing at DevConnections. Some info:

  • I’ve created a new category on this blog that I’ll use for every post I write while at the conference. If you’re interested in those topics, but could care less about my opinions on the self-checkout kiosks at the Home Depot, simply keep visiting this page for all things DevConnections.
  • The reverse is true as well: If you read this trash because you love UX as much as I do, but could care less about software development, put me on mute for the next week (starting Monday, of course). One thing though: This blog is and will continue to be primarily about User Experience design for the web; so 90-95% of what I post about from DevConnections will be about how new features and functionality make or break the developer experience and enable us to create web applications with a rich UX better, faster and cheaper.
  • I’ll be spending most of my time at the ASP.NET Connections sessions, so the majority of my posts will focus on those sessions. However, a co-worker of mine will be splitting time between the SQL Server and Visual Studio tracks. Maybe I can convince him to post some thoughts here as well.
  • I’ll use this post as a jumping-off point and master list of all of my posts. For a list of sessions I’ll be attending, click here. After I’ve attended the session and written a post about it, I’ll link to it in that post. Right now, I’ve only posting my pre- and post-conference sessions because I’m undecided on a number of sessions during the conference. But keep checking and I’ll get a complete list up as the week wears on.