Seth Godin Goodies

Seth Godin introduced me to blogging 3 years ago. Three failed attempts at finding something of value to write about later, here I am. If you’ve never experienced the great mind of Seth Godin, here is your chance. He’s offering a copy of his ebook “Knock Knock: Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works” free to all. I’ve mirrored the download on this site, so grab it and read up. To read Seth’s original post, view his mostly-brilliant musings and track to the other great sites that have linked to him, click here. Seth Godin

  • Caryl Felicetta

    Godin really provides marketers (which is everybody in business) with a creative look at the business world. More ebooks here at his latest “creation, Squidoo.

    Catch him in central New Jersey on November 17th at Move Ahead 1′s marketing seminar: