Google Talkin’

I know I’m jumping on the blogosphere (One electroshock for me for using a buzzword) bandwagon for bringing this up, but I think I have a point about GoogleTalk unrelated to the common chatter. Link Google Talk

For you Skype purists out there, I know that Google Talk is essentially Skype-lite. I’m only partially excited about Google Talk because of how clean and clear the voice features are. I’m also excited because it’s basic, clean and uncluttered. I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Here’s MSN Messenger: Image of  the MSN Messenger interface

And Google Talk: Image of the Google Talk interface

In a day and age when Microsoft keeps adding tabs to messenger and cluttering the interface with winks, nudges and skins, Google Talk makes me smile. Now I know this is a Beta, so we may see clutter eventually. For now, I’ll enjoy simplicity while I can. Now that Google is public and no longer the anti-Microsoft, it’s not surpising that They’re giving Microsoft a run for its money as the big bad wolf. BTW, you need a Gmail account to use this tool, so if you don’t have one, email me. I’ve got plenty of invites to share.

  • Andrew McClain

    All I can say is that I hope I’m on that list somewhere, bra…

  • TheSatch

    Man, I thought you stopped signing into MSN long ago. Go grab GoogleTalk and let’s chat!