Application Development with HTML5 (TechEd 2011)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being able to present a session titled “Application Development with HTML5” at Tech Ed in Atlanta, GA. With close to 600 people in the room, I had a fantastic time talking about all of the exciting things happening on the web, and based on feedback I’ve heard, I think a lot of the folks who attended enjoyed the session as well.

The recording of my session is available on Channel 9, and you can view it there, or via the player below.

Additionally, I wanted to share a link to the Slides and Demos from the session, which I have posted on BitBucket. You get get both by clicking on this link.

Slides –

Demos –


Finally, if you were in the session, or if you watched the video and have a comment of question to leave, feel free to do so below.



  • Taylor

    Hey SATCH!!
    I’d LOVE to watch your presentation. The Compassion Web team had to forfeit our teched tickets to concentrate on rolling out the new (due out this coming MONDAY – FINGERS CROSSED).

    ANYWAY. Your little video has a big x through it. Can’t watch. Ideas? Thoughts? Talk to me here goose – I’d love to see your video darnit! We need to catch up my friend.

    Until next time.

  • Brandon

    Taylor! Man, I was bummed that you didn’t make it out to Tech Ed, but that’s a good excuse! I’ll watch for the site on Monday.

    Not sure what’s up with the embed. What browser? Do you have Silverlight? Anyway, you can also view the video on Channel 9 at

    We do need to catch up. I’ll be in the Springs for a week in July and was thinking about coming by the office for a bit. You going to be around the 11th-14th?