Mvc Screencast #11: KnockoutJS

It’s time for another episode of the Mvc Screencast! I hope you’ve been able to check out the first ten episodes to date. If so, feel free to leave a comment here and let me know what you think. Don’t be shy about tweeting or sharing this series, either. I’d appreciate it if you did!


In this episode, I’ll provide an overview of KnockoutJS, a MVVM framework for creating rich, interactive JavaScript UIs. I’ll demonstrate how you can use Knockout to define view models for your pages, and use Knockout’s declarative binding syntax to keep that view model in sync as it is used in several places in an application. Finally, I’ll demonstrate how Knockout integrates easily with ASP.NET MVC applications.

To install Knockout, just type install-package KnockoutJS in the Package Manager Console. To learn more, check out:

Click on the embedded video below (~17 minutes), click here to view it on Channel 9, or if you want to view the video on your shiny, new WIndows Phone 7, click here to download a mobile-ready version.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or suggestions below. Thanks for watching and sharing!

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  • Ignacio Fuentes

    What seems odd here is that you dont seem to use any of the mvc strongly typed helpers :( … Im just not ready to give that up just yet.

  • Brandon Satrom

    Hi Ignacio,

    The ASP.NET MVC Strongly Typed helpers can be used with KnockoutJS, I just chose not to use them for the screen cast to keep things clear in terms of illustrate how KnockoutWorks. I’ll throw together a blog post illustrating how you would work with Knockout and the strongly typed helper methods.

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