Mvc Screencast #12: Should Assertion Library

So this is it, the final episode of my MVC Screencast series. I’ve covered a lot of cool tools and technologies over the last several months, and I hope you’ve been able to find a few nuggets of value among the hours of my droning voice and stock music clips.


To wrap up the series, I wanted to bring us back around to testing and TDD/BDD and share a quick demo of the Should Assertion Library. Should/ShouldFluent is an open source library that provides framework-agnostic assertions via extension methods.

To install Should, just type “install-package Should” in the Package Manager Console.To install ShouldFluent, type “install-package ShouldFluent.” To learn more, check out:

Click on the embedded video below (~8 minutes), click here to view it on Channel 9, or if you want to view the video on your shiny, new WIndows Phone 7, click here to download a mobile-ready version.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or suggestions below. Thanks for watching and sharing!

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  • Daniel Lidstrom

    I’m using MvcContrib library. It contains a whole bunch of goodies for mvc developers. In fact, it has a TestHelper namespace with Should extension methods. I found this to be satisfying and for me there was no need for any other Should library.

  • Brandon Satrom

    Hi Daniel,

    MvcContrib is fantastic! And you are right, there are a few (3-5, I believe -> general extension methods in MvcContrib that might just be the only assertions one would need.

    I use both MvcContrib and Should, and I’ve found that Should–ShouldFluent in particular–is quite a comfortable fit with my testing process.