Progressive .NET Tutorials from Skills Matter (and a free pass giveaway!)

The fine folks over at Skills Matter are putting on the fourth annual Progressive .Net Tutorials, and if you’ll be anywhere London on September 5th-7th, you should be there. This is an amazing lineup of speakers and topics, and the full details are posted below. £425.00 for 3 days of John Skeet, Sebastien Lambla, Gaspar Nagy, Ian Robinson, and more? A steal, I tell you!

I’m honestly quite jealous that I can’t hop on a plane and get there myself. Devastated, even. To help me feel better, the folks at Skills Matter are letting me give away two free passes to this event. So, if you want one, here’s what I want from you: Leave me a comment on this post and tell me who among the distinguished speakers below you want to see and why. In one week (Monday, August 8th), I’ll pick my favorite responses. Comments are threaded, so feel free to append, modify and enhance your answer as the week rolls on. The only request I have of the two winners is that they send me an email after the event describing their experience so that I can post it here later in the fall. Deal? Great.

If you’re not planning to throw your name in the hat for the passes, fret not, as I also have a discount code for you to use. When registering for the conference, enter the promo code “PROGNET50” to get £50 off this event.

This should be an awesome event, and I can’t wait to hear why you’re exited about it!

Progressive .NET Tutorials


SPEAKERS: Christian Hassa, Gaspar Nagy, Ian Cooper, Sebastien Lambla, Dylan Beattie , Simon Brown, Paul Stack, Damjan Vujnovic, Adam Granicz, Ian Robinson, Mark Rendle, Steven Robbins, Jon Skeet, Nathan Gloyn

WHAT: Progressive .NET Tutorials 2011

WHERE: The Skills Matter eXchange, London

WHEN: 5th-7th Sep 2011 , 9:30AM

COST: £425.00

EVENT TAG: #prognet


READER OFFER: £50 discount off the ticket price, quoting Promocode: PROGNET50 when registering


Monday September 5th Track 1

09.30 – 13.00 GHERKIN ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA, Christian Hassa & Gaspar Nagy

14.00 – 17.30 AUTOMATING GHERKIN ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA, Christian Hassa & Gaspar Nag

Monday Track 2

09.30 – 13.00 SOLVING THE PACKAGING PUZZLE, Ian Cooper & Sebastien Lambla

14.00 – 17.30 FRONT-END TIPS FOR BACK-END DEVS, Dylan Beattie

Tuesday September 6th Track 1

09.30 – 13.00 LOAD TESTING FOR DEVELOPERS, Simon Brown

14.00 – 17.30 CI TO CONTINUOUS DELIVERY, Paul Stack

Tuesday September 6th Track 2


14.00 – 17.30 ADVANCED WEBSHARPER TUTORIAL, Adam Granicz

Wednesday September 7th Track 1


14.00 – 17.30 INTRO TO NANCY & SIMPLE.DATA, Mark Rendle & Steven Robbins

Wednesday September 7th Track 2

09.30 – 13.00 ASYNC METHODS IN C#5, Jon Skeet

14.00 – 17.30 TBD

More information and registration:

Find more information about this years Progressive .NET Tutorials here. If you would like to register, don’t forget to claim your £50 discount of the ticket price, by quoting Promocode: PROGNET50 when registering.

  • Johan Nilsson

    I would love to see “TEST-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT IN JAVASCRIPT” with Damjan Vujnovic because I’ve always felt that in my projects the javascript is the thing that has lacked in testability and robustness. Using T4MVC and tests to secure and stabilise the server code I would learn how to make testable and more robust javascript to get an overall better system.

  • fj

    I want to see Jon Skeet to find out if he really can count to infinity … twice  :)

  • Patrice

    Dear Brandon,
    When I read your article I felt distraught to see how devastated you were of not being able to attend the Progressive .Net Tutorial. I thought: ‘Wait a minute… I can help!’ A gesture of solidarity was required. A developer would not let another developer down. This is a brotherhood and as such, we must support each other. So here I am (the knight in shining armour and all the rest), ready to relieve you from one of your free passes. Don’t thank me. Although this is altruism pushed to the extreme, I am certain you would have done the same for me.I am far from being the King of the .Net Universe so I am keen to see the lot. Unfortunately, there are two tracks and decisions will have to be taken. ‘Load testing for developers’ by Simon Brown is one of those presentations I do not want to miss. I have a project coming where this will definitely come handy. For the same reason, I also want to see ‘Restful Web service development in .Net’ by Ian Robinson.Hoping this will make you feel better.Best,

  • Brandon Satrom

    Ha! Brilliant. One of the passes is yours! Email me at bsatrom AT with details and I’ll get you your free pass.

  • Brandon Satrom

    Good stuff, Johan. A free pass is yours! Email me at bsatrom AT and I’ll get you your free pass.