I love to write, fiction and non-fiction alike. Over the past few years, I’ve written for the Architecture Journal and MSDN Magazine and I’m currently working on a book to be released this fall.

The Book - “Building Metro Applications in Windows 8 with JavaScript” – Chris Sells and Brandon Satrom, with Don Box

Here’s a list of my articles:

Keeping Architectures Relevant: Using Domain-Driven Design and Emergent Architecture to Manage Complexity and Enable Change” (The Architecture Journal, Issue 23)

Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN” (MSDN Magazine, Dec 2010)

Building and Using Custom OutputCache Providers in ASP.NET”  (MSDN Magazine, Feb 2011)

Moving Your Web App from WebMatrix to ASP.NET MVC 3” (MSDN Magazine, May 2011)

HTML5 Series (MSDN Magazine)

Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know” (August 2011)

No Browser Left Behind: An HTML5 Adoption Strategy” (September 2011)

Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms” (November 2011)

Integrating Geolocation into Web Applications” (December 2011)

Using HTML5 Canvas for Data Visualization” (January 2012)

Using CSS3 Media Queries to Build a More Responsive Web” (April 2012)

.net Magazine (Link)

The Case for CoffeeScript AND JavaScript (April 2012 – Print Only)